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Saturday, March 18, 2017

Quenching oils

The most often recommended quenching oil tends to be Canola Oil second in line is a dedicated fast quench oil like #50 Parks. Canola is available at the nearest grocery store while #50 parks is available in two locations in North America.

The #50 Parks is almost as fast as water for a quench right at the 6 second mark while Canola comes in second and ahead of the 10-12 second medium speed oils.

If you search the following "quenching speed for canola oil" you will find information like this link below with lots of valuable information on Vegetable oils for quenching and it is not all bad news as some would have you believe.
While not the best for steels that need a fast oil like 1080 to 1095 it will be adequate. However if you start selling knives then it is a good time to upgrade to a high speed oil so you are putting out the best product possible.

The links provided lead to professional research that has been carried out on Canola oil Quenching for both its environmentally friendly foot print both in acquiring the product and during its disposal when depleted.

Quenching and Heat Transfer Properties of  Aged and Unaged Vegetable Oils
Vegetable oil structure and antioxidants

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