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Saturday, June 24, 2017

Kitchen knife restoration

From what little information I was able to gather on this old knife it was made between 1861 and 1882 based on the makers mark of the word "ART" in a circle. I could be wrong about this and if anyone knows the actual dates please drop me a note, Thank You

Made by George Butler & Co.
Trinity Works

Blade is made from two laminations which was a common practice of using a high carbon knife steel and wrought iron in order to save money. Many sold to the Natives as trade knives and this one came from Manitoulin Island just a few years ago and was in very poor shape from many decades of storage.

Knife as received from the owner bit of rust and organic matter, handle is end of an old broom stick and split. Edge is showing a bit of wear and dents from cutting small bones.

Makers Mark side weld line along back of blade


 Back side, notice weld line is on opposite edge

Two choices of antler handles
Knife was cleaned up by a few short dips in Muriatic acid. Vast majority of the material came off as a sludge so was not rust, most likely a coating of fat or old oil.

Very light touch with a 800 grit sand paper was used to even out the finish.

Went with the old worn antler as it better reflects the age of the knife. Gave it a light coating of Tung oil to help seal from dirt, going to be on display from this point on at the owners house.