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Tuesday, March 21, 2017

mirror polish a knife

Finishing a knife with a mirror polish can and is usually time consuming, going through numerous grits of wet and dry sandpaper.
Becomes almost frustrating when you get to the last grit and scratches appear that you never noticed before so back to the beginning and run through the grits double checking all scratches from previous grits are removed. Get to the end and there is a scratch.

Then the old brain kicks in something has to be really wrong and go through all the paper and toss it, clean buffing wheel for the second time and everything is good.

Well except for the sanding bar that has a burr so small it only hits the blade when using a 2000 grit paper or higher. Time to refinish the sanding bar and find a safe place for storing it instead of just leaving it on the steel work bench.
On that note going to be looking for a rubber sheet to cover the work bench from this point on.

Trying to achieve a slightly different finish with this knife going from a normal mirror finish and transitions on the flats to a textured (240 grit) that gets a mirror finish on the high points.

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