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Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Mirror polish knife

The joys of putting a mirror polish on a knife can be overshadowed by sore fingers.

Typical routine is to take the knife profile down to the finished state or very close with up to 400 grit, heat treat and protect from decarburizing with a anti-scaling compound.
Possible choices range from Tool wrap (stainless foil), ATP-641 a clay compound to Condursal a paint like substance. All work and need different degrees of surface cleaning and preparation.

Most important thing with any mirror polish is to change direction of sanding at each change in grit so you remove previous scratches with much greater ease.

Normally start with 400 grit then work my way up through the numbers, 600, 800, 1200, 2000 then either 2500 or move to the buffer.
Buffing is done with an assortment of wheels and compounds.
1) stiff wheel and White
2) Medium wheel and Green
3) Soft wheel and Rouge
4) Soft wheel with Pink for coloring

This knife still has a couple of scratches left over from the 50 grit belt, been slowly working them out so I do not change the profile to drastically.

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