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Thursday, March 23, 2017

Fillet Knife - Banksia Seed Pod

Todays little project is shaping and sanding a fillet knife handle. The handle is made from a Banksia Seed Pod from Australia that has been stabilized in Gator Venom then cast in Alumilite resin with orange fluorescent dye.

Knife is AEB-L Stainless steel 1/16" thick with a single sided bevel that is 3/16" high. Creates a medium flex blade unless given a distal taper.

The faceted surface is not bad comfort wise however I normally go for ergonomic and round all edges. Still have to make a final decision one way or the other.

Latest update on this fillet knife, it is right hand use and left or right hand carry. Para chord is used to either belt carry or secure to life jacket or simply toss into the tackle box.

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