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Sunday, April 9, 2017

Pinless Knife Handle

Trying Pinless knife handle construction since I think that pins would not help this nice piece of wood look any better.

Much longer process than straight one piece scales on a knife. Bolster and pommel fitted and shaped so they capture the scales on either end. Plenty of holes for the glue to create a solid bond and the remaining steel gets a 80 grit finish before gluing.

Initial fit up is lots of test fitting, you want a nice snug fit but not to tight or the wood will crack when it expands in the summer heat.

It feels like the front and rear of the wood next to the stainless steel needs some color so it stands out a little more. Almost seems bland right now.

Still a dozen test fits left to do then on to the left side of the handle.

Took the other pieces out of the tank and cooked, the Single dyed Purple is rather interesting

The dyed block is going to get cast in Alumilite resin and very good chance will become a hidden tang handle

A couple of progress shots since nothing shows up problems as much as a picture in sunlight.

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