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Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Pinless Handle Experiment

Attempting a Pinless handle, creating separate post from the KITH 2017 post so everything in one subject is together.
Bolster and pommel are in place and ready for polishing and final shaping.

First step of fitting the wood slabs is creating a template from masking tape and second step is put the tape on the wood blocks then cut close to the correct shape.

Ideally the wood will be a snug fit so essentially the scales will stay in place without glue. In a perfect world the bolster and pommel curves will hold the wood but as you can see here I messed up a little on the Pommel.
Some more progress.
Wood glued on and preliminary shaping done.

Have a few scratches to fix on the pommel and bolster where I hit them with the sanding belt. a quick buff in these pictures at 800 grit to see what the handle will look like.
still have to go over everything with the 1200 and 2000 grit before waxing and giving the whole blade a final buffing.
couple test shots before sheath construction which is usually not as fun as it sounds. Figuring out a style to match the blade takes me way to long.


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